Shrugging at the Atlas Shrugged Preview, Finding Alternatives To Borders, and A Really Great Announcement


Since the Blockbuster on Powell's is closing, I'm more concerned about where I can rent video games anymore. Where?

October 25th sounds so far away, but-- about damn time. Speaking of video games, though, that new Atlus game "Catherine" looks kind of like a Murakami story. Hope that gets translated, too. Get on it, Jay Rubin!
The only thing I learned from reading Ayn Rand was The Ayn Rand Paradox: People who believe in their own superiority are complete assholes.
Dmitrir +1
I hate it already. I hate that the trailer is two and a half minutes! What kind of trailer is that? It's basically a short film. I hate it.
Jay Rubin is a badass. His translations of Akutagawa are totally worth checking out.

The only good thing about Ayn Rand is that she indirectly gave us BioShock.
I'm going to take a bullet train to Galt's Gulch to get some free love.
"Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski. Condolences. The bums lost. My advice is to do what your parents did; get a job, sir. The bums will always lose. Do you hear me, Lebowski?"
I recently made the unfortunate decision to try and watch The Fountainhead mostly on faith that Gary Cooper/Patricia Neal would keep my interest.

Holy fuck. What a tedious turd. Both actors project total disgust with the dialogue and subject matter. Afterward, I read Cooper's response to reading the script was essentially "what the hell is this shit?"
Going Galt is the Republican version of moving to Canada. Never going to happen but it's a fun thing to threaten when you feel like being a whiny bitch. Face it, rich people, you like making money too much. You'll never leave us. It's not like you pay taxes anyway; really, your only beef comes down to having to hire an accountant to hide all your income for you. We'll lower your tax rates when you pay the amount you're already supposed to.
It's got the Utz Chips guy from Mad Men! And that guy who plays the police captain in Dexter! And a bunch of other people who usually act in Lifetime movies! Thank you, Ann O'Connor!

Also, why aren't those steel executives from Asia? And hasn't government kinda/sorta been left to build all the high-speed rail in America?
I love how in the Randian's detached mind the rail industry is the symbol for Supreme Capitalism. Dudes, the rail industry has only ever existed because of deep government subsidies.

Who is John Galt? He's the asshole who got rich off of taxpayer money.
Also, it says Part 1, which bodes a Part 2. Was it necessary to split it up like Harry Potter 7?
@Denis, it's also got Quark from Star Trek Deep Space Nine! That's excellent casting. I'll bet the Ferengi love Ayn Rand.
Who is John Galt? Ayn Rand's idealized fuck-toy. No more, no less.
Some of the worst acting in recent history.

But it's perfect for people who masturbate about union-busting. Scott Walker will probably watch it as many times as Howard Hughes watched "Ice Station Zebra."
As usual, the mention of Rand brings out the inane mutterings of all those who hate reality, reason, integrity, productivity and pride. It looks like her brilliant masterpiece may finally receive a worthwhile film treatment. Too bad for you.
@EDijkstra, Are you Frank Cassano?
Oh. You sound like Frank Cassano (minus the wit, of course).

Anyway, condescension is a funny thing: it may make you feel superior, but it makes you look like an asshole. So, thanks for proving the Ayn Rand Paradox.
There is something cinematographic about Rand's writing style. I've read Atlas Shrugged more than once, and something I love about that book is how even small scenes and minor characters remain vivid my mind long afterward.
If anyone wants a reasoned discussion of Rand and Randians, Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer has a great chapter on the matter. Shermer is a skeptic and his politics sometimes border on libertarian, so his takedown isn't really motivated by politics or ideology. He portrays Randians as people who purport to believe in reason, capitalism, and the rest, but take it way too far and act in an exclusionary, cultlike manner. It's definitely worth a read.
Heck whats their problem we just put the formula and process up on wiki-leaks. Intellectual Property just slows man's progress and hurts society as a whole.

@JACOB SCHRAER -- Re: Replacement for Border's Books.
Stumptown Coffee has good deserts and drinks and open wifi.
The Multnomah Central Library used to have a coffee cart.