Fixing Three Bad Places for Bikes and Pedestrians


Forcing east bound right turning bikes on Lloyd on to a shared use side walk on 12th seems like folks on bikex would lose the ability to turn left at that next intersection.
fucking bikes. get off my roads.
Sounds good. This is how I get through this puzzle any way, minus the lines. I would prefer a pedestrian sky bridge with a launch ramp speeding me into the underground conveyor driven bike superway.
Yes, I agree RS, that`s after we all get our "rocket packs" installed in our bikes. For real. It will gain speed and momentum.

Go Aggro or go Home.
I'm all for these improvements, especially the Lloyd District one. One potential problem, though. Looks like they're removing a lane from Lloyd westbound. So traffic turning left from 12th, then wanting to make a right on 11th - as TriMet line #70 does, will really get backed up. Unless they've got something planned for the signalization to get the cars AND bikes through there safely.
Wouldn't it be cheaper just to buy all these bike people beater cars ?