What the Wisconsin Governor Said When He Thought He Was Talking to a Koch


This was not very amazing when it was posted on SLOG a couple hours ago. Can we talk about the growing tide of SLOG/Blogtown cross-postings? I don't like it. I'm fond of the differences that distinguish the very different staffs of The Stranger and The Mercury. Cross-posting ignores that local richness in favor of a kind of franchising. What do others think?
Not Amazing.
The Guv comes across well.
Different blogs on the Internet posting the same link? Oh the horror...
White people!
Thanks for your question, and thanks for appreciating our rich differences. I don't see it as much as "franchising" as I do sharing information that I hope someone might be interested in. To you maybe this wasn't "amazing." I thought it was hella interesting and fun, hence it's here. I would guess that maybe 80-90% of what you see on Blogtown is all Portland generated—but I don't really keep score. We're just trying to build the most informative, fun and well-rounded blog we can every day... for everyone's benefit... and the occasional Slog post helps us achieve that goal. (If it makes you feel any better, Slog readers hate my Bieber cross-posts as much as Portland readers do!)
@3 It's not posting the same link as SLOG; it's actually the identical post. Eli is on The Stranger's staff. And @Steve, if the clip interested you I, as a loyal Blogtown reader, would be much more interested in your opinion (and then the link to buffalobeast), than in seeing Eli's earlier SLOG post thrown back up on Blogtown. If you are going to re-post from SLOG why not re-post from other blogs? I'm sure you could get permissions.

For me the "why not" is because The Mercury's staff is really interesting. The cross-posting, which is a big shift from last year and is primarily SLOG posts appearing on Blogtown, dilutes the conversation. It's like having a nice drunk dinner get constantly interrupted by the neighboring table. I can read SLOG posts on SLOG, and I do. Let me read Blogtown at Blogtown.
If you want just local news, read another paper. I appreciate the Merc taking on national issues.
Psh Matthew, reading both blogs is so 2010. In the 11's we pick a side and have rumbles and shit.
I could care less where the content comes from - I read this blog because I trust the Mercury to aggregate the internet's daily firehose of information into a tightly concentrated arc of urine pointing directly into my eyes.

I suppose I would appreciate SLOG content having it's own tag, but it's not a big deal for me. I'm probably in the minority though, as this is the the only blog I dutifully follow, so cross-posting really isn't an issue to me. My only concern is if there is too much blog content in a day of questionable info or lulz value. As long as they are bringing me info + lulz in sufficient amounts and in a way that I like, I'll keep coming back, regardless of where the info+lulz are sourced.
Wait, you're reading the SLOG which is Seattle's version of Blogtown....and you're reading Blogtown which is Portland's version of SLOG...and you're complaining about redundancy?

Anyways, I don't read the SLOG and so I'm glad The Mercury staff re-post the interesting stuff (like Dan Savage).
I don't want to listen to this 10 minute phone conversation. Can someone recap it? Does Scott Walker say incriminating/assholey things?
Oh, @9, I'm envious of your feeder-tube (or urine-catheter) relationship to Blogtown. I really ought to take it in that way. However, I tend to treat Blogtown (and SLOG) more like reality TV shows. I tune in to see what's happening to my favorite characters. At Blogtown I want to know what Alison thinks about the day's publishing news or literary controversy; so I feel a bit cheated when instead I find Paul Constant weighing in on it. To follow Paul I go over to his show, SLOG, and check in there.

I think only Dan and Steve should cross-post; they're both columnists for both papers, and they're not redundant. Blogtown has a books reporter and music reporters and a news staff, etc. I want to know what they think. (And @7, that's exactly what I mean—I want The Merc's take on national issues, and international; as opposed to The Stranger's take on them.)
Sometimes things that aren't amazing on Slog become FANTASTICALLY amazing on Blogtown. It's magic!

Check the internet, there may be a third blog somewhere in the world.
Hear that Commenty Colin? Stadler referred you as @9. That seems kind of demeaning to me.

(It may be easier to type numbers than names - and it may be the "SLOG way" of doing things - but it's more work for us readers when people are referenced by their post numbers... I know this has been discussed on here before. But my point is: Stadler, keep that SLOG shit on SLOG, please.)
Blogtown could take SLOG any day of the week, with one Leaky tied behind our back.
I agree with CC: I want information, enjoy the Blogtown vibe and am fine with being gently curated by Blogtown content providers (Mercury staff). To pull in the SLOG gripe, and offer my testimony as a survivor of LindyGate:

SLOG Posters are Fucking Insane (and slightly stupid).

Just one Fruit Cup's opinion. Even if a story is posted on SLOG and it's the most IMPORTANT STORY of all time, I'd still prefer to read it here without SLOG commentary.
This is totally ripe for dramatization. Blog vs. Blog. With proper Sorkinization and deft, youth-oriented casting of nerds, trolls, art criminals, writers, pederastic columnists, this shit could have mass celluloid appeal.

I agree with CC and the gang, but Matthew does have a point: More Alison and less SLOGers would be better for B-Town. SLOG posts are ignored more, on average, the Savage/West debate notwithstanding. B-Town is at its best when the posts are homegrown.

Disagree on this, Matthew: Steve is not Bieberdundant? I mean redundant?
My $0.02: I stand with Blogtown's resident ursine bloviator. I have no problems with PDX's intertubes taking things from other, Seattle-based tubes.
ALSO and more importantly: in this YouTube video, I take it Scott Walker is singing a jaunty Jacques Brel tune with much gusto?
@FC 4 CoTW*

I totally agree that more Alison -- er, more Blogtown-generated content would be better. But realistically, less Slog content would not equal more Blogtown-generated content, it'd equal less total content on the site. (Or, more Blogtown-generated content that's pure filler. Seriously, MORE.) The Stranger has more resources in general - stealing from them helps us keep the blog regularly updated while still putting out a newspaper and all that.

*this comment is nonbinding
Monsieur Walker chanter Boum tres bien!
I will say this, Blogtown is the only blog I read without resorting to Google Reader; the feed seems to lag horribly in updating.

Also, @JStrecker: Hi, dude I met IRL at a party last week! Good times.
I rarely ever read the SLOG posts because they don't feel personal but I also don't mind them.

And I understand the limits our smaller paper blog has in terms of well..money and people so I am not complaining. I just ignore them and wait for a local post.
If I may be serious for a moment, though I hate to be, the thing I don't like about Slog cross-posts in that those northerners rarely respond to our comments. I mean even more rarely than our Blogtown overlords. So commenting seems *even more* pointless than it usually does. Ex nihilo nihil fit.
You underestimate the appeal of non-Bieber filler, Alison. Those are typically the most lol-laden threads.
Sorry I'm late folks! I will now sum this up in one simple equation:


(*throws up peace sign, makes three goggles, kisses baby, waves to adoring crowd, star wipe OUT*)
Geez, I have so much agreeing to do:

1) Agree with ROM that we should refer to each other by name and not thread count.

2) Agree with Matthew and Kiala that I like the local gang, and the way their jib is cut.

3) Agree with my dog Tha Cup that Slogtowners are often mouthy dum dums.

4) Agree with TSW that btown is at it's best when it's local, but

5) Agree with Alison stating the obvious about more content - as long as they stay somewhat judicious about which content they steal, not just grabbing filler as filler.

6) Finally, I agree with everyone who agreed with me. You are right the fuck on.

I still won't watch this ten minute video, though.
I am so horribly upset that Stadler is forced at gunpoint to read the same posts twice sometimes. This is a crime that clearly needs to be addressed.

Howdy Mr. Mecklem @25: The primary reason I don't comment on comments on Blogtown posts is that nobody tells me when my posts get re-posted down here. I don't flip the switch myself. But if you ever have an issue with one of my posts that you feel needs to be addressed, the best way is always to contact me directly: pconstant@thestranger.com.

@CC It's not even a video, though. It's just a 10 minute long phone call. Has anyone here listened to it?
@ ROM No.

Gee @PaulConstant, you are a little touchy this morning. I actually read these blogs voluntarily. I enjoy them! And I especially enjoy both SLOG and Blogtown because they each host conversations that matter to me, not only of the people posting but of comments and discussion. Most comments sections are barren or they are insane and hostile. But both SLOG and Blogtown have made a culture of commenting that's fun (mostly) and matters to readers. And they're distinct. That's awesome, and it's why I care.

I offered my complaint, and raised the question, because I think slipping into this cost-saving mode of cross-posting SLOG to Blogtown erodes what you have built. You don't know when your SLOGs get cross-posted; you don't read the comments (you tell us); you don't take part in other Blogtown conversations; and to ask you to do these things ignores the fact that you live and work in another city for another paper. Does it matter? That was my question. And apparently it doesn't matter to most commenters here.

For me, I'd love to have your posts, or Lindy's or Eli's, be part of the Blogtown conversation, if you really could step into the conversation, fully. If that can't happen, I'd rather that the Mercury staff and Blogtown commenters comprise the conversations here.
Stadler@32 I'm not angry, I just think you're making it a little blustery in here.

I wish I could comment on everything I post, but I'm posting on Slog seven or eight times a day in addition to putting my section together every week, reviewing movies, and doing other stuff for the paper. (And often, I don't contribute to comment threads here or on Slog because I've said everything I need to say in the post or I'd prefer the conversation run away with itself, without my interference. We have some of the smartest, funniest commenters on the internet, and sometimes I'll post news just because I'm eager to see what my readers will have to say about it.)

I don't see anything, really, as being diminished by sharing a few posts. Slog has the staff to cover national issues, so our posts come down here when the Merc staff doesn't have the time to cover national issues. Humpy is the funniest man alive, so we like to borrow his posts up north. In both cases, the community is invited to discuss the topic (or, in this case, hijack the thread to talk about something that they're interested in). I would argue that the community is more important than the writer when it comes to newsy posts, and besides, it's not like we're airlifting content in from the AP or inserting posts that feel out of place; both papers have similar sensibilities and strengths.
@ tk: Hi, sir! Yes. Those times were indeed good! Also, this comment has nothing to do with the matter at hand! It will annoy people who are not you!
Thanks, Paul. And, since you were too shy to ask, yes, I *am* related to the Mecklem who made the first airship flight over Seattle in 1908.