Places We Like to Spend Our Money.


Oh AND Cosmic Monkey.
Powell's on Hawthorne. It is the perfect scale bookstore for me, the staff are quirky and knowledgeable. Also Buffalo Exchange (super friendly, hot staff) and Guardian Games (Unabashedly nerdy, but excellent personal hygiene!)
Oh good call on Guardian Games. I've only been there a couple times, but the vibe in there makes me want to time travel back to middle school and take up Magic: The Gathering (which is... a weird thing to want, but speaks to how cool that store is).
Meat is awesome! Heidi and Chicken always make me smile!
Tinymeat, Happy Grillmore, and that liquor store on SW 10th near the library.

Cosmic Monkey, yes, and also: Floating World Comics and Bridge City Comics. Portland is full of great comics shops, but those are my top three.

The Side Door, which is my favorite spot for (A) reading and (B) grilled cheese.

Powell's, though that's a bit obvious.

Most food carts, though that's a bit vague. But especially Wolf & Bear's.
Queequeg isn't fat, the vet says...
This is market research, right? That's not a bad thing. If you want to gather reader info you can send to advertisers, this is sort of a brilliant way to do it- by asking us.

Any if you're not doing market research, well, you should use this as such. I like being a demographic.

The People's Pig is my recent favorite favorite. I also like the The Dump Truck (they do dumplings) is also kind of great. And Ziba's Pitas. And any of the Korean taco places.

Floating World and Guardian Games, as I'm pretty much a gigantic nerd. Being in Guardian makes me want to actually leap into the cavernous black hole that is Warhammer 40K. I've resisted the call, though.

I often finish work perilously near Ground Kontrol. It's a place I love not just for video games and post-work decompression, but also relatively inexpensive happy hour beer.

I've been getting my morning coffee from Public Domain and Courier. They're both excellent.

Powell's, but everyone will say that.

Tugboat Brewing Company. It's a tiny brewpub and one of the bartenders does remixes of nature videos. He's also gotten the regular patrons on board for Cheer Mondays, wherein the entire bar goes "Yay!" every time someone walks through the door on Monday night. It's probably my favorite place in town for local beer.
Pinball machines.
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Powells, New Seasons Delivery, The Portland Soup Company cart at PSU, Le Happy, BIWA, and Laurelhurst Market.

If you REALLY liked them, you'd use cash.
@Alison: You should try to! We're voluntarily giving you info that advertisers want, albeit in a totally unformatted, sporadic, unscientific way.

Of course now, some people might just try to fuck with you and tell you that they spend all of their money on hookers and pie.
Oh! I forgot I also like to spend my money on hookers and pie.
dick's kitchen. grilled cheese grill. townshend's tea house. new seasons.
Portabello. It helps I have a crush on the bartender. Oh, I like the new Burnside Brewing also, due in large part that I have a crush on the bartender. I am seeing a pattern here...
"The belly rules the mind." -- Big Ass Sandwiches, DC Vegetarian, Robots Love Cupcakes.

"There is creative reading as well as creative writing." -- Powells, Bridge City Comics, Counter Media.

"A film is, or should be, more like music than like fiction." -- Video Verite (and if they don't have it, Movie Madness)

"I don't think about the meaning of it all. I say, just plug in your damn guitar and make some noise." -- Music Millennium, Everyday Music, CD Exchange.

"Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!" -- Salty's, Meat (heh...)
Mirakutei's ramen is perhaps slightly more traditional, but nowhere near as good or as filling as Biwa. Biwa 4 life, yo.
Your moms house.
Oh! Len's Barber Shop on Hawthorne. That dude has been barbering there for a good 50 years AND he has a sweet retro barber chair with a built in ashtray AND he will talk about sports and classic rock with me even though I know nothing about either thing.
I love this thread. Spending money is a joy when you know it's going to someone doing something awesome. Every time I hear some company peddling shitty junk ask me if I want to "save money" on it, I always think "No! I want to spend money. I want to spend every penny I ever see. And I want to spend it all on awesome people making awesome stuff." Among them, everybody at George's (Killingsworth & Interstate); Floating World Comics; Atlas Rubber Stamp (NE 28th & Broadway); Container Corps (books and stuff); Yeti/Mike McGonical's record subscription. They say there's not much money in Portland, but if we all spend all the money we have, like eighty times over, we'll have more money than any other city anywhere!
There's a new boutique on 19th and se burnside called BeMused, and I basically did all my christmas shopping there. Plus I recently got some fingerless arm glove things from there that are probably made for women but I wear anyway to keep my hands warm while I tippity-type!
DC Veg (though they're so reasonable it's hard to drop much)

Powell's (duh, but true)

Farm Cafe

Pok Pok


Miss Delta

Gilt on NW 23rd (Gilt practically makes me wish I were a lady - I love buying gifts from there)

Breakfast at Genie's / City State / Bread & Ink / Bridges / Tasty N Sons

Belmont Station

George's? Wow. LIKE!

The Farm, Pok Pok, Ken's.

Tops? Ned Ludd. The experience always feels like the culinary version of collapsing into the couch after a pain-in-the-ass day. Their wood-burning oven food is always simple and great. Same crew there for a long time, I've been there so often some staff have connected with me in a business capacity and have become friends. They've comped me so many free dishes it's to the point where they think I'll be dissapointed if I don't get one each visit because I've been so thankful. How can you ever feel bad spending your money at a place like that?
Oh yes, double down on Tasty N Sons...
Mag-Big on Hawthorne, East Burn on a Tuesday, Sckavone's, Shiki Sushi and La Calaca.
Oh! I love The Farm but Dane doesn't as much. I need like... a second, veggie friendly husband to go there with me.
@Allison, if it helps your market research I can put these into a spreadsheet for you. Maybe pull out some kind of cool pie chart, or something. Mmm.. pie.

Echo a few already mentioned: DC Veg and Portobello (helps I work close by, lunch is great). Also really like Beermongers and the Bye and Bye (Weeping Tiger is amazing). I also like spending money at Food Fight and New Seasons. Mainly because I like eating.

Also, I don't get there much since I stopped working over there, but Tugboat is awesome. YETI too because the writer is both hilarious and personable. He use to DJ around town - super nice person.
i'll second the people who said tasty & sons, belmont brewing, and spunky monkey. thumbs down to biwa, even tho everyone i know loves that place.

my favorite place to spend my money is the chicken and garden store on 22nd and belmont.

i spend most of my music money at everyday music, although i would rather spend it at sonic recollections or crossroads.

and my favorite restaurants to give my hard earned wages are navarre, tabla, pad thai kitchen, and symaptico brunch.

the funny thing is that all these places are walking distance from my house. i think that says something about how i feel about spending money....
(All of these have already been said but I am still throwing a vote in for them): Floating World! Cosmic Monkey! Powell's!

(I don't think these have been said yet): Oaks Skating Rink! Moonstruck! Sushi Ichiban! Shanghai! Bye and Bye! Russel St BBQ!

And Guardian Games is awesome--unfortunately I don't spend a whole lotta money on gaming things, so I never go there. But I will agree that it is a great place.
@chunkymonkey, You and I apparently have the exact same taste in bartenders. Really, that's kind of weird.
@ebaq me too! But for me I think it says more about how infrequently I leave my neighborhood.
@Fruit Cup Yes please, make me a pie. A pie full of hookers.
Also, I forgot to add Screen Door. I know everyone thinks it's overrated, but as long as the wait isn't totally outrageous, I'm always really happy with the experience.
I enjoy giving money to La Bonita (yay family business!), Bye & Bye, Vendetta, the Know, Bunk Bar, the stoned hippies at al forno ferruzza, Wolf & Bear, and those scary guys at Double J tires on MLK.

Sadly I go to George's often, but not sure "like" is the word I use when drinking there.
Ooh I never posted in this because I thought everyone would make fun of me for saying 'New Seasons' but looks like I'm not a nerdy black sheep who just really loves groceries.
@Ezra: +1 for Double J tires. I just hands over the money, and I gets the new tires. Nobody gets hurt, see?
Aww shit, SHERIDAN FRUIT COMPANY. I feel bad for not thinking of that sooner. I love it there.
I'd be terrified to see how much money I've spent at Beulahland since moving here.
The Portland Mercury's meager freelance budget allows me the pleasure of an occasional splurge at EXILED RECORDS (Scott and Lindsay are super awesome and their stock is finely curated to satisfy any adventurous listener!). Other than that, I like giving my hard-earned slave wages over to Star Bar, Powell's, Ristretto Coffee, and that cute little card/knick knack store on Hawthorne. But mostly, if I have any money to spend, I am buying a cheap tall boy at any decent dive bar. It helps ease the stress of always being broke all the time.
Coava Coffee! I love those guys, they are great to chat with, and they take their coffee super seriously which is cute.
Carts: Whiffies, New Taste of India, KOi Fusion, FlavourSpot, GCG... cart people tend to be super appreciative, which makes you feel good about paying them.
Chopsticks Express, but I just like it there in general.
Happy Sparrow on Belmont! Adorable shop.
Laurelhurst Theater.
Oh, and The Atlantis Lounge in the back of Mississippi Pizza. Fresh squeezed juices, and the bartender Mark has created a menu of candy bar cocktails that flips my lid.
In no particular order: Arleta Library Cafe, Ace Hardware, Winks, Cheese Bar, Academy Theater, Mr Plywood, Guapo Comics, Bar Carlo, Naomi's Organic Farm Supply, Slingshot Lounge, Screen Door, and of course New Seasons. All places I never regret.
One more I meant to mention! Blue Plate lunch counter & soda fountain downtown. Such an adorable place, and Chef Jeff is the man.