A Fag Hag Demands Payback



While I in no way support the House's attempted measure, to say that removing federal funding for Planned Parenthood "essentially criminalizes" women's control of their own bodies is a completely ridiculous and hyperbolic statement.
I wouldn't say hyperbole is the case here. Where would underage and/or poor women get the services they need without PP?
Also it is a slippery slope. One state makes it illegal to miscarry and then what next? Another state makes being childless a crime?
I'm just talking about the House bill, and not the obviously unconstitutional Georgia proposed bill, assuming that it says anything like what the writer says (who showed she couldn't be trusted from statement one).

Just because the feds won't pay for it doesn't mean it's been either driven underground or criminalized - for example, one could just as disingenuously say that the recent healthcare reforms criminalize poverty since they force the uninsured to pay for insurance (which is untrue - massive subsidies are provided to the underprivileged, but that's beside the point).

If the Feds don't pay for it, the states can pay for it, and individuals can band together and pony up the dough for it. Planned Parenthood and it's services haven't been outlawed - there's merely a push by one house of congress (which probably won't survive the Senate) to not pay federal money for it anymore.

To illustrate:

If the feds defund the NEA, they haven't criminalized art.

If the feds defund AmTrak, they haven't criminalized travel.

If the feds defund public broadcasting, they haven't criminalized free speech.
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