I liked that. Sometime the Mercury should put out an issue where all the content is about the process of creating the content. It would be very McSweenys-ish.
The art direction is typically pretty astounding so that was cool. It can't always be that seamless week-to-week, though, right?

Agree with C and B--a deconstruction would be interesting. Does that "healthy amount of artistic freedom," so encouraged with art apply to the written content?
We would need video. Like in that Wilco documentary, readers need to know who's the whiny, temperamental genius and driving force behind the content and who's the talented but super annoying personality who everyone barely tolerates.
Honestly, it is pretty easy & smooth like that every week. Mostly because we get to work with the most talented and open-minded artists in the world.

Oh, he is hugging HIMSELF. I totally thought he was gay and hugging his cyber boyfriend.

I am disappoint. :\
Glad to see that some of you enjoyed getting an inside look at the creative process. And to ScrumYummy, I would have to say that both scenarios are kind of true :) Thanks again to Scrappers for great direction and guidance on this piece.
Ben Gibbard

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