Public Service Announcement: Restaurant Websites


I fucking hate theoatmeal. Fucking smug asshole, can't stand him/them.
Sad....the Sunshine Tavern's website still doesn't even have their address on their site or even anything indicating they are open. Are they still in soft opening mode?

Even if the website isn't done, three lines of additional text will work wonders.
@1, you're right totally smug and not even worth reading during the countless hours you've spent waiting outside Pine St/Screen Door/VooDoo.
This is my favorite restaurant website since they are all there:…

I wish they also had their food cart reviews online.
I"m proud of Meaty Yummers for making their restaurant Down's Syndrome-friendly.
Reminds me of the SW Community Center website. The details for the center (like pool hours and events) are a series of PDF's 1+ megs large. Just wonderful for mobile devices!
Couldn't agree with this more. The stupid, fancy flash just tells me the owner paid somebody too much money to develop the website. The pdf menu just tells me they are idiots. And no picture of the restaurant tells me they are embarrassed by it. But at least they have websites. I can't imagine why a restaurant wouldn't have a website in this day and age. I'm looking at you Asian restaurants!