Good Morning, News!


That's a horrifying bunch of news! Almost enough to make me vomit up the eighteen pounds of ham, turkey, tater-tot casserole, and chocolate that I scarfed down today to celebrate the Copulation of the Great Rabbit with the Cosmic Egg. *Almost* enough.

I do still have room for a bit of baby cake, actually. Just one slice, please.
You may color me skeptical, but I find hard to believe that 2 year old child could pull the trigger of a Glock. The Glock is, I believe, a double-action pistol, unless the hammer is cocked. In the double-action mode, the trigger is pretty stiff. I think I smell a rat in the woodpile.
Oh my Gosshhhh Todd whatta horrible way to explain Eastern!!! (way awesome!)

They shoulda have made the baby cake in 3 flavors: Strawberry for the head and neck, vanilla for the body and Hips, and chocolate from the waist on down! Am sure it would have been more fun! Yuuuummmmm.
Well. I guess life just sucks, doesn't it?