Governor Kitzhaber Vows to Deliver Ugly Bridge on Schedule


Since it's the "cheap but ugly" option, I'll submit that we should forever refer to it as the Chugly River Crossing.

Or Bridgely Boringsen.
Build it!!
Well, it sounds like we can at least build the Oregon half of the bridge.
At least the Chugly bridge comes with the ability to turn the Columbia into a tropical teal-hued body of water under sunny skies.
I'm still having trouble understanding why this is such a big deal. It's not a graceful bridge, it doesn't make much of a visual statement, but I'm really not seeing ugly. The bridge that's there now is ugly. This one's just sorta plain. And who cares? Will it handle the traffic and withstand that huge earthquake we're due for? Those are the things we need it to do. The primary function of infrastructure is not to be sexy or land the cover of Urban Planning Digest, and it's not like it's part of the skyline or anything... So what if we don't get our own Golden Gate Bridge? I say, just build the damn thing and make sure it's done right.

"Bridge to Nowhere"

"Kitzhaber's Folly"

"The 'Couver Scooter"

"Kyron Horman Maybe Memorial Bridge"*

"300 and 40 (Million) Dollars... Worth of Pudding"

B-Roy B-Ridge (first 3/4 of bridge supported by only toothpicks, last 1/4 is AMAZING)

* (sorry.)
"The primary function of infrastructure is not to be sexy or land the cover of Urban Planning Digest, and it's not like it's part of the skyline or anything."

And the primary function of a woman's hips is not to be sexy or land on the cover of Naughty Portland Coeds, and they're not always going to be perfect or anything - but I prefer to ride something sexy - and if I'm going to be looking at hips or bridges the rest of my life, let's do it right. That's why I like my girlfriend's hips to be cable stayed.
Naughty Portland Coeds - this needs to happen!
Sure is a lot of effort to chose a design of something that will never get built.
@Tommy, we already have our own Golden Gate Bridge. It's called the St Johns Bridge.
It's *good* that it won't be too pretty, we don't want the I-205 bridge to get a complex.

As for names..."The Vanport Dud"?
Could they at least paint it a fun color? Vancouver side grey and Portland side _______ color? Purple? Green? Orange & Black 'cause we're fierce like the majestic tiger?
Political reality 101 says, "take the most cost effective means towards your goal or you will spend the next few years being crucified for your elaborate and unnecessary spending by your political opponents."

Both states are blue...but barely. Also I go over that bridge only 5 or 6 times a year. I could really care less what it looks like as long as I get to the other side of the river.
I can't believe they would put something so plain and boring in the culture and design mecca that is Jantzen Beach. Do you want the homeless squatters in the Thunderbird motel to have to walk across that boring bridge to Vancouver for some pop-can arbitrage every day? Me either. They deserve something that better captures the elite spirit of the Target parking lot or that dumpster behind Hooters.
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imagine if a heart surgeon gave a similar excuse. "sorry but the blockage is outside the area I plan to work on, but plan to put in several more veins and arteries leading into the blockage. No this is not elective surgery, this is for your future health!"
Stop me if I've already suggested this, but...line the bridge with lottery delis. The colorful neon reflecting off the waters of the Columbia would be postcard-worthy!
The issue is not the bridge design, it is whether we can pay for it, and if Portland can afford to have even more traffic from the north. I say no bridge until the Clark county folks get on board with Light Rail or suitable mass transit, and zoning that prevents even more folks to the north of Vancouver (thus away from light rail or some other form of mass transit).

The bridge at the current location will simply feed extra lanes of traffic into an already crowded I 5 on the Portland side of the rive and further degrade the miserable traffic.

Until our brethren in the North get on board with urban planning, no expansion of the bridge