Gah! Today's the Last Day to Register to Vote!


I looked around at what happened to John Adams High (later Whitaker Middle) School ((Elephant was filmed there)) - why was this new (1969 at 42nd and killingsworth) school demolished a few years back.... what a farce.
The windows to the place couldn't open though. It was a ventalation problem. I wonder how much cheaper it would have been to solve that problem than deal with alot of these issues for the older schools now.
I look at this bond measure with this in mind.
I absolutely abhor the commercials I'm seeing on TV using little kids to push their adjenda. But hey, they know you put a little kids face on any measure and you can get it to pass. And I thought I was cynical.
Renters? Register! Think landlords absorb the costs to keep the kids smiling? I'm in favor of waiting on this until the recession is a little more over.
That last little girl on the commercial, the one with the speech impediment (these tiwles fewl fwom our ceiwling), is way too cute to be believed. I think they brought in a ringer from Hollywood, no way she was just sitting in class waiting for another tile to fall on her head when they discovered her.