Indifference, 13 Ways: Writers on the Royal Wedding


I thought Seinfeld gave the best possible - and so very AMERICAN - response to this hype.
I caught a glimpse of a headline comparing Kate somebody's fashion sense to Princess Diana's. I mentally face palmed.
Like any hip writer would admit giving a shit about the Royal Wedding to Salon. LYING BASTARDS
It's not gonna define my decade or anything, but I'm enjoying it. People are happy and celebrating, and I like being a part of that. Does it mean shit? No, but did your 9th birthday party? No. Give up the attitude and have fun for a change, for fuck's sake.

I'm having surgery that day, and have enjoyed thinking that I can watch the wedding in the middle in the night from my hospital bed. A lot of people will be celebrating, and I can be awake and alive for it, if not there. If I were home, I'd probably just sleep through it, but at least something NEW will be on TV while I'm laying there in pain, unable to sleep. :)

Fuck it, if it doesn't bore me I intend to enjoy it!
I dream,
that somehow by watching the Royal Wedding,
I will never have to encounter those souls who do,
in any of my lives.
Ever again.
For all of eternity.
May it be so.
I actually totally care but then again, I stayed awake (or got up super early? Can't remember) as a kid to watch the other Royal Wedding. GRANDMOTHER was invited to it (the Diana one).

I am excited about it without irony.
All this hype makes me appreciate folks who elope.