New Harry Potter Trailer



(I don't think that death hug happened, btw.)
Oh phew. I was starting to worry about my reading comprehension skillz.
I am excited. I looooved me some Deathly Hallows Part 1.
Yayyyyy!!!! I refused to see Part One because I am going to spend a day watching Part One IMMEDIATELY followed by Part Two in July. For my 34th birthday. Oh yeah. And then I'm going to ride the tram b/c I haven't yet and I like transportation. (for friends and family who could probably identify me know -- I'm on lunch break!)
catbot, sometimes I want to hug you.
***SPOILERZ for non-book readers***
While the "Hey Tom, let's do the magic base jump of doom together" scene didn't happen in the book (nor did the shooting magic pastel wand goo at each other scene) I'm happy as hell they put it in the movie. In the book, he really only has one duel with Voldy and that ends in with one shot each. It was satisfying enough on the page, but I could see how it might leave film audiences wanting after 7 movies of build-up.

The other good news is that it looks like Nevile doesn't have his moment stolen from him by Harry. I saw a still of him (surprisingly buffed out) holding a bloody Sword of Griffindor amidst the rubble of Hogwarts.
Jesus. Severe nerd boner. MUST SEE THIS MOVIE NOW.
When did Michael Jackson shave his head?