Michael Scott Leaves The Office Tonight: Time to Get Pissy!


For once I agree with Graham. Awkward.
See? Sleepy and irritable. I prescribe a carton of chocolate milk and a nap on the floor.
The earlier seasons were so good! The quality went downhill so quickly. End the show already.
They should have shot this dying horse three years ago, but...are we even going to be able to watch liiiiiiiiive? Isn't KGW going to shanghai the airwaves and force us to watch the f-ing blazers loooooooose?
It wont be shown tonight. KGW picked up the Blazers game just like last week.
It's not saying much to rank the Office above those other two shows, because they are both TERRIBLY UNFUNNY. As is the Office in the last few seasons. However, I still watch every new episode with my partner, because habits like that are hard to break when there are two people involved.
I love the office, and without Michael Scott, its not really worth watching, except for little snippits of Dwight's dark and off-beat humor, which without Michael, will lack a unique chemistry. Well F**. There goes the only show worth watching on TV. Thanks alot Holly. Well, happy you finally got a real friend Michael.
That was a hell of a nap! And why did that chocolate milk taste faintly of Rohypnol?
That last line was true, up till about 2008.