Some Revisions to the Bin Laden Death Story


Yeah, just to say it: I think no one would dispute that both the media and government of the United States have lied to us before. But to say it right now gets one lumped in with the Andrew Breitbarts and Glenn Becks of the world. It's kinda sad.

We'll get around to discussing this whole thing truthfully later on. Or maybe we won't. We often don't.
Well rich bachelor, I think that is the intention. Don't question the official story or you be lumped in with the wingnuts. DO NOT engage in critical thinking, DO NOT speak up when you feel like something's fishy, DO NOT ask for hard evidence or the rule of law to prevail. Just be quiet and maintain the status quo, which is to say, "Keep your pesky questions to yourself and go shopping."

I personally would much rather have seen bin Laden put on trial rather than summarily executed (if that is indeed what happened). Now the truth will never be known about bin Laden and we are forced to take the US government's word for it. I just don't think that is what's in any of our best interests, especially when you consider that we are dealing with people who lie professionally.

When I see some convincing evidence, I'll gladly change my tune but until then I think the real wingnuts are those who blindly swallow propaganda and parrot said propaganda without honestly looking for proof on their own first. Sadly, those are the majority of people out there today.

I'd like to see some convincing evidence Osama was behind the 9/11 attacks at all. Apparently the FBI agrees. Even though Bin Laden has been on the FBI's most wanted list for years, it was for the USS cole and Kenyan embassy bombings and NOT for 9/11 attacks. The reason is because of insufficient evidence.