"Can you imagine what's on Osama bin Laden's hard drive?"


I'm not in the everything-is-a-conspiracy camp, but I can't believe Osama's crowd didn't encrypt that stuff, or if they did maybe the NSA has a secret backdoor into the popular encryption programs. Free open source programs like TrueCrypt make it quite trivial to setup a hard disk so you can encrypt your treasure trove of Magnum PI Fan Fiction writings.
Stills of Natalie Portman in Black Swan.
Atari 2600 emulator for those long winter nights. BurgerTime!
1) Truly impressive Solitaire stats,
2) Spec scripts that are essentially Three's Company retreads set in a worldwide Islamic caliphate,
3) A CAT's Blogtown login information
Why are we up to five comments without a single mention of pornography?
@ Nex: #2. Also, because it's lazy & obvious.
@Nex too easy?, although @2 toes the line on pornography.

@Todd: I forgot they ported Burgertime to the 2600, yeah, not good:

CC already said that in the comment above yours. Pay better attention next time.
Sorry. I didn't even see that unregistered comment dude. My bad. Just wanted to make sure we didn't forget about the joys of frighteningly specific niche pornography.

"Without our vore infantilist furry porn, we're truly lost." -- Martin Luther King Jr.
porn is much too easy. funnier options:

1) outdated versions of napster
2) every "savage love" podcast
3) oregon trail
4) to-do list
5) cnn headline anouncing he's been killed.

boom. that's how it's done. now look-up that wired magazine article to explain why those are all so funny