News Flash: Tennessee Is Full of Stupid Bigots


Portland is full of hyperbolic stereotypers
Not if George Takei has anything to say about it!…
@D: No, just you.
Also full of assholes who make comments without explaining them. You're too smart for me, explain, professor.
Well geez all I'm saying is some of us have some non-hating cool friends in Tennessee.
@ D: seems like an entirely defensible position. your friends are just statistical anomalies.
At least the bigots in Portland are hip and smart- just ask one, they'll tell you!

I'm not sure you could have written anything more hypocritical with your over-generalizing headline, but I have to give you credit for trying. It might have been better if you'd taken your frustration out on your usual Barney the Dinosaur Plushie/Pot Roast combo in the garage after your mother went to bed.
@D: No one said everyone in TN was a stupid bigot, only that the state was full of them. That a stupid, bigoted bill passed in one of its elected representative bodies is evidence of that.

It should also be pointed out that most bigots claim to be non-hating and have nothing against the people they discriminate against, and that most stupid people are, by definition, too stupid to realize it.
I'm with you, D.
Confederate 'The States'?
Any small-town lawyers want to stage a fiasco of a trial just like they did in 1925?