Gwyneth Paltrow isn't Worth as Much as She Thinks


If someone's dumb enough to give her a million bucks for her time, then good for her.

I can't see how she's any less talented than the craptastic no-tones your publication promotes or any of the other parasite infested offal that Sony, Disney, NewsCorp, or Time-Warner serves up still wriggling and steaming hot.
Said the asshole with a mouthful of shit.
Nine out of ten Portland bands suck but that's true of anywhere. It's just that in Portland there is 10x the suck. How bad can she really be compared to all that? Maybe she does still suck but then you pile on all the hipster self-righteousness and she becomes the fucking anti-Christ. I know the drill. Move along...
Self Publish! The labels nickle and dime you to death.
Jake does make a good point.