It's Happening Tonight!


Yeah, but potheads are so much more grounded than young people who pretend that they can make a difference. Maybe we should all stay home and pretend to read long books that we will later review while we are actually facebooking.
No men, who is set to change the world, and the world consciousness, is Glenn Beck. He does make a difference by making people consider thinking the exact opposite of what he´s saying. He knows what he´s doing, like he said. Republican Proud Ignorance whose words are only bonified and heard like in your house dinner nodding table is a bit too large nick to use?
Batshittyness and dyslexia, when combined, make for awesome comments. Shine on, you crazy diamond.
Screw your lame PF word association. I don´t see Beck commenting here, and some people like to use the word "pretend" every time their own impotence stops them from doing exactly what they wanna do for a number of reasons, you dummy. So they say "pretend" when they really mean to say "are doing". Your comment wasn´t abstract at all.

Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth.