E3 2011: Nintendo Unveils New Console, Internet Collectively Orgasms


Under $300 is unrealistic. I know that's the starting price point for the Wii when it originally launched, but the 3DS runs for $250. How are you going to keep customers from feeling ripped off when your handheld is only $50 cheaper than the full home console. I'd venture more like $350 at the lowest, perhaps more like $400 with a price drop relatively soon after release.
I disagree. The goal of all new consoles is to get as many units into the homes of prospective players as possible. Combine that motivation with the relatively low-tech approach Nintendo is taking here -- it looks shiny, but in truth the Wii U is just a clever lashing together of existing, well-worn technologies -- and the price tag drops considerably.

This isn't Sony attempting to wow users with amazing graphics, it's Nintendo attempting to maintain the huge userbase it acquired with the innovative Wii by offering a new way to play with already familiar (thus not terrifying to the elderly or small children) concepts.
The controller is going to be spendy.