Why Is Green Lantern Screening After Press Deadlines?


What's a green lantern? I mean, seriously. Is this a joke? Like a meta-narrative on the complete absurdity of comic book heroes? Otherwise this is gonna do as well as Howard the Duck (which would have worked if they would've used Doctor Bong as the villain instead of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Jones).
I'll see it regardless. I'm not proud.
You've finally convinced me to watch this stupid trailer, and I can now say it actually looks worse than the Green Lantern comics--and that's saying a lot.
The Green Lantern existed at WB for the longest time as a Guy Gardner Green Lantern movie starring Jack Black. Goofy bowl cut and everything. I think he had a deal for that up until around 2008.

I think WB just has no idea what this thing ever was, and has never known what to do with it - hence chasing Jack Black for over 6 years. The production wasn't exactly TROUBLED, but it's always felt like something Warners agreed to do simply because they ran out of Potter books and they already owned this stuff.

The fact all the marketing spends so much time trying to explain how Green Lantern works instead of, like, trying to SELL people on seeing the movie just leads me to believe there's no passion or even any real faith from WB, but the market dictates that they've gotta put SOMETHING like this out or get left in the dust, so they're emptying the wallets and shrugging their shoulders.

Maybe the movie will be good in spite of all that. I dunno. That last trailer looked good when it was weird space adventure stuff, but then I'd be reminded this stars Ryan Reynolds in a ridiculous (and unneccessary) mask, fighting malevolent oatmeal on Earth, too, and I'd do like WB appears to have done - shrugged my shoulders.
I'll be sad (though not surprised) if nerds carp about Green Lantern en masse because it hews to closely to the established mythology.

Yes, he is a magic space policeman and yes, exposition to that effect is going to be fucking ridiculous. But a Hollywood attempt to make a "more fun" superhero flick is far likelier to produce a clusterfuck than an excessive earnestness for back story. Bat-nipples were considered "more fun", Erik.

I will go see the movie about the magic space policeman. I will, because I'm an easily baited with shiny geek crap.

That said, the marketing for this movie has been terrible. Like Fatboy said, it's all about exposition. It's as if some WB exec said "Holy shit! We have to explain what a Green Lantern is FAST!" Cue the staid, info-dumpy trailer.

What the trailers and the marketing haven't done is convey a sense of what being a Green Lantern feels like, and that's a far bigger draw than just the exposition. The Thor marketing (and movie) did a fantastic job of selling a setting with a big, epic feel. It made the idea of a space viking fighting alien frost giants seem badass and epic as fuck. I wanted to turn up the Wagner and rock the hell out.

The previews for Green Lantern make me think "Well, they've got my money."
Erik did you write that photo's tagline? I want to hug you.
Green Lantern is going to be a train wreck saw a copy think the first hulk movie and then throw in jar jar binks
Why can't DC make decent movies about their characters? Because, except for Batman, they all suck. Even Superman. Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Justice League, all these characters were created in the 1930s and early 1940s. For whatever reason they never had to be compelling to sell. The only reason Batman works at all is because Frank Miller transformed him from the stupid, schlocky Adam West Batman into the troubled, realistic Batman that Christian Bale portrays today. No one figured out how to properly do that with any of the other DC characters, though plenty have tried.

Marvel, on the other hand, at least attempted to make characters that their audience could relate to. Spider-Man as a high school kid, X-Men as an allegory of the civil rights movement. The characters don't suck. DC characters all suck, with Batman as the only exception.

DC would do better by mining their Vertigo line and other imprints. Just because Constantine sucked doesn't mean Preacher or Sandman has to, and V For Vendetta was pretty good. But that stuff is owned by their creators so WB would have to secure rights and pay royalties.
I'll see. I'll be drunk, but I'll see it. RIP Mogo.