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Sure, the FBI can dig through my trash. But what about my recycling? That's where I keep all the good stuff.
Wm. Steven. This is Jeffrey Fisher. I used to work for The Stranger when u editored there. I was a Distro when Skillet was King. I wrote the bottom line across the back page column for like 9 or 10 wks. which u edited. I also supplied the inspiration for the column u wrote back then about the e in the closet.
I am living currently in Pittsburgh PA and I believe I have some fodder for some real interesting columns about a city that was once 650,000 people which since 1980 has lost over 400,000 people.
I would compare realities here with more progressive minded realities in the NW.
For instance.
Two or three summers ago a young black kid in my neighborhood was shot in the gazebo across the street from where I live.
This is not a regular occurrence in my neighborhood.
He was a young gay kid. 14. 15.
Killed while he was unwisely cruising or because he was just being picked on cause kids knew or thought he was gay.
I dont know because the police never really went after this.
Is it because its just another incident of black on black violence or because this kid was gay.
His mother is now known as the screaming lady who walks the street.
She is angry.
Was not like this before she lost her son.
Would maybe be 51/50'ed if she were in California.
Come to think of it I havent heard her screaming on the street in awhile.
I wasnt living here then.
I would follow up on all this.
Other stuff as well.
Actually lots.
I dont want to bore or bother u if u r not interested.
My email is
Thankyou for your attention and consideration.
Jeffrey Fisher

But Brooke Shields can suck it.
so what you are saying is that I should cover all of my top-secret letters with cum and feces.

May the awesome power of a smooth sax solo help you quickly recover, Mr. Clemons.
I love Neil Patrick Harris. That is all.