Good Morning, News!


After living in Vancouver, BC for 2 years, I'm not surprised at the rioting. I'm more surprised at people's surprise that they'd riot. I know my family members are safe though!
Oh my. That ferret story is almost as exciting as the riot story... How does a ferret manage to eat 7 fingers down to the bone? Wouldn't the baby be recoiling and flailing around?

Also, if you all haven't seen photos of the riot you should! It's kind of amazing.
My favorite riot photo is the one of the couple making out in the middle of it all...on the street.…
@AL, Woah, Canada!
Wow, I love that picture, A.L.!
Great picture AL. That says what the riot is about way more than pictures of burning trash cans and overturned cars. It's about passion!

Gross ferret story. I wouldn't have read it had Bruce not brought it up. I want my youthful innocence back. A time when my fingers weren't tingling with anxiety.
I wonder if Weiner will lose his federal benefits? If not, he should. At least his retirement, which is lifelong, I think.
Did a Boston team really win the Stanley Cup? Are you sure? Because there are 17 Canadians on the Bruins and only 3 players from the US of A.…
@Bikefor1, go back to Canadia you clown! Tell me you are not truly that stupid? I guess we had better take back Detroit's last Stanley cup seeing as only ONE of the players is from Detroit! Aside from a few Canadians (they're everywhere!) the majority of the players were from Sweden. Sooo... Sweden won the Cup? Jesus you're an idiot. As for the blog piece the writer might want to do some journalism. There is pretty good evidence that the majority of the rioters where some d bag "Anarchist" group who were going to riot regardless of outcome. Don't blame the Vancouver fans, even if some of them unwisely were participants.