I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day


Nothing pisses a hipster off like making fun of his fixie!
Next up, George W Bush was a really bad president.
I actually built my fixie on a Big Wheel frame. It's totes lighter than a real bike, and they're all the rage in LA and San Fran, so I figured a hip town like Portland would be into it.
I would answer your question, but you would not understand. I would entertain your inquiry, however, you would scoff and fart. I question your question with a question that may best answer this riddle for you, did it make you made you did not have a big wheel...And when you answer that question, truthfully, you will realize that the absence of a big wheel in your life has left you in a state of wanton. Now you feel the need to lash out to the 'privileged' members of our community. Try decaf.
Aren't big wheels just penny-farthings for children?
Don't just dwell on the fixed gear aspect to these stupid creations... how about the near lack of handlebars?
For the bicycle "purists"... what a load of horseshit.
Fixed gears are only good for the racetrack.
Lack of handlebars, lack of brakes, lack of testosterone, lack of taste in clothing and grooming I could go on and on........wait what? You mean you don't know? Ha! Seriously ...........who gives a shit about these dorks