Nerd Alert! Tribute Band Will Recreate Genesis' The Lamb... in Tacoma


Genesis sucked the first time around, and it's not likely that this will be any better.
The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway is one of the few great double concept albums, although it does peter out towards the end (pun fully intended). Any chance these guys will play Portland sometime, and do Supper's Ready as an encore?
"Going to Tacoma to see a Genesis tribute band" sounds like a terrible excuse for a weekend but...Erogenous Zones, I love you! That album is as great as later Genesis is bad.

Thanks for the tip, Ned.
Ned is correct. Peter Gabriel-era Genesis is indeed awesome.
A special trip to TACOMA to see a GENESIS cover band perform A LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY sounds like the most geektastic experience one can possibly have.

The experience can be either horrible or awesome.

I just might have to make it.

Too bad Tull sold out the Edgefield.
I'm not much into cover bands, but I'd love the chance to hear "The Carpet Crawlers" and "Back in NYC" live... etc.

MKU... I must admit a childhood love for Tull since "Songs From The Woods" but let's face it, they've been selling out for DECADES now. Nothing new.
Oh wait, I think I misunderstood you MKU. My bad.