Today in Those Terrible Teens: "Tag... YOU'RE DEAD!!"


This is what it's come to, kids having to "Like" a kegger on Facebook and then Mom is all #GROUNDED4LYFE on the Twitters. They're probably doing an episode of Think Out Loud about this today, aren't they?
Oh god, I watched local news interview some of these idiot youths last night. One teen said something like this:

Teen: I don't know why the police want to stop us, we're not doing anything wrong or bad. It's not against the law to break laws.

Not joking. "Not against the law to break laws."

This is why Facebook ruins fun. In my day we would have called all our friends on telephones that were bolted to the wall and our parents would never have known. KIDS THESE DAYS!!!
Retarded teen behavior but I don't think basing it on the location is sound logic. There are plenty of idiot teens/20 somethings in Portland. On the bright side at least they are not riding bikes naked:)
Whatever. I fully support these teens. A city sidewalk is a public space. If they aren't breaking curfew, or tresspassing, or violating other laws, I see no reason why there should be a problem here.