That was his reply, seriously? For fucks sake...
This old building is fantastic..I would drive Hwy 30 for years and I would always look at it while driving by
Kind of anti climactic.
And what in fact, are the rumors??
@Cat & Beard - Seriously. He should just respond to all questions with "I'm a tool!"
I'm a total sucker for creepy old buildings. I doubt there's anything sinister about it, but it looks kind of cool in that decrepit sort of way.
C&B, Rey REy add me to the chorus. WOW is he a ghost writer for Steven King?
Seems like "Synikat's" response is more like someone who wants to be clever, lacking anything really to say.

Always wondered about that place, though.

Good post.
Yeah, What rumors? Is it dating Scarlett Johansen?
I actually stopped and talked to the security guard a year or 2 ago and asked why it was so run down. He said that it was closed and abandoned when they discovered that the building was almost nothing but Asbestos inside. Probably explains why they don't want to let anybody in!
Nothing special although it does remind me of my first apartment in Crown Heights NY (minus the giant rats unless there are some in the building...probably are)
Although the building is located south of the St. John's Bridge, since it is on the west side of the river it is not located in St.John's the neighborhood. It is in Linnton.
I hear it's full of toxic materials, and that's why you aren't supposed to go in. Asbestos, mercury, all sorts of nasty crap.
The reason for the security seems pretty simple: Insurance liabilities. If someone gets in and gets hurt, NW Natural is on the hook. Nothing mysterious about that.
Fuck that kid, I'm getting in there and I will give you real answers not fake riddles.
Fuck that. I will get into this building and I won't give you pathetic riddles afterwards.
Perhaps its not even the building that is being secured, but the rest of the property that the building happens to be on. Its just an old office building for NW Natural Gas (GasWorks). Its not even haunted or anything. It is condmned as it is falling apart and contains asbestos. While is is a beautiful building their is nothing odd or significant about it.

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