Neighbors Want to Silence Washington Park Reggae Concert


Once again, the Washington Park neighbors seem to think that Washington Park and the public streets that serve the park, belong only to them. Selfish bastards.
Wow, someone wants to have a concert at an amphitheater in a public park on a national holiday. Outrageous!

haters gonna hate
@randyzpdx: socialist.

@Demondog: hippie.
On the one hand, I hate hippies. On other hand, I hate NIMBY dicktwats. In this case, I'm gonna have to go with the hippies. Fuck you, Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association. I'm gonna come and have a jamband drum circle in your stupid front lawns now.
Aren't they going to be at their beach houses that weekend?
i once had a roommate who owned a djembe with a sticker on it that said "freedom of fuckin speech"

your argument is invalid
This is about as comically snobs vs. slobs as a story can realistically get.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put all of my money into monocle futures.
"This djembe kills fascists" could've been good, too.
Rich west-side fucks and dirty fuckin' hippies. Now there's a cage match I'll pay money to see.
Poor bastards there will be no hippie there. They will all be at the Rainbow Gathering 60 miles outside of Portland.
For hippies with GPS -- N 46.04460 W 121.85889

I hope the Portland Development Commission is planning free buses TO the Rainbow Gathering.
And after that, Rosy, free one-way Green Tortoise buses to Santa Cruz?
what time is the hearing today?
This sounds like the plot of a bad stoner comedy. I now expect a rag-tag band of misfits to get together hatch a wacky plan to save the festival.
("and hatch a wacky plan." Dammit. I swear, I'm totally not stoned right now.)
The hearing is at 2 pm. You can watch it on the city's website if you don't want to go to city hall.
Can we please get Bobby McFerrin here to try and bridge the gap between these two groups?