Adams Won't Push for Full Burnside-Couch Couplet


How important is this versus 128 miles of unpaved roads?…
The is the second time today I've heard about the Dill Pickle Club. I may have to go to that event.
I always see the typo just as I click "Post." Never fails.
If you remove the Burnside Bridge or that overpass over the I-405 those 30,000 cars would have to go somewhere else.

Look at how well that is working with the closed Morrison Bridge this summer.
Nice article, Sarah.
It's nice to read an update on this. East Burnside is working just fine now.
All West Burnside needs is bigger and better crosswalks. Don't make it more convenient for cars - leave that to Beaverton.
Azure, Beaverton is terrible for cars. It defies logic that a City with such a small population can have such terrible traffic.
But back to the matter at hand. The Burnside Couch couplet sounds like a great way to spend a whole lot of money to take one street with shitty traffic and turn it into two streets with shitty traffic.
" though everyone agrees West Burnside is a mess"

uh... no. leave it alone. don't spend a bunch of money that will make no discernible difference in the grand scheme of things. do wee really need to have EVERY street in the city be a paradise for bikes and peds?

better crosswalks? absolutely. the couplet? no fucking way. #7 has it spot on.
Good, because the one on the east side ain't going so well. I see at least 5 cars a day hanging a right from 12th onto Burnside.
Who said anything about this being done just for bikes and peds? Driving along a couplet is much better than driving down a 2-way street, because: A) you can turn left anywhere (e.g. turning left onto Grand from the Burnside Bridge); and B) the lights can be synchronized to make it quicker. If anything, peds are the ones that lose out, because they'll have two busy streets to cross instead of one and cars will be moving quicker.
As someone who actually uses it, west Burnside is a fucking death trap for bikes, and considering that it's impossible to turn left anywhere along it, it should be a priority for motorists too.
No couplet! get rid of all the stupid couplets and one way streets! and if you want to make the roads better for bikes Take all the paint off of them. when people in cars see car-sized lanes painted all over the road, they obviously think that the road is all theirs.
fix the traffic lights so they work sensibly, no greens feeding into reds.
that would help.
do like new york and dc do, all green at the same time.
that's the major problem i've seen over the past ten years.

and put the bike lanes by the sidewalk and parking lanes by the traffic.
The eastside couplet is a joke. The art on Grand and Couch is an atrocity (if you want to call some scribbled on Tyvec art). The traffic lights on EVERY street are a joke, and a monumental waste of tax payer dollars. And why in the world would we widen the sidewalks on west Burnside, so more homeless could lay their filthy blankets out to block my passing by? The sidewalks are fine. Try a left turn lane or two, add some tracks for light rail, and we're good to go.