Crime is Dropping! Let's Spend Another $32 Million to Put 1,000 More Oregonians in Jail


I can't believe you guys endorsed this. ANY time someone mentions ANY kind of mandatory minimum sentence RUN!!

Don't the failures and costs of Measure 11 lead by example of why they should never be on the table?
Um... maybe because they actually locked up all the repeat offenders for longer periods of time, they weren't able to commit the property crime they very likely would have while sitting in jail cells.
Kinda like building a train to Lake Oswego that nobody will ride for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Or a shiny bridge our Federal Government can't afford for 4 billion dollars.
is the crime actually dropping or are the cops jukin the stats? cops aren't really the most honest bunch of folks, too bad really.
I'm not very impressed by this chart from the state.…
During the same period, property crime rates fell in Washington at relatively the same rate and it fell even more in California and Idaho.

So why is one policy in one state given the credit for a trend seen in other states and nationally?

Let's hope not to see the phrase "John Kroger convinced us" in the pages of the Mercury again.