Portland Vs. Seattle. (We Lost)


From the Food Dude article:
"Those of you who are over 80 will probably remember Sunset Magazine from your youth"

Wow a record for smug-hipster cliché right there in the first sentence of the first paragraph of a rebuttal.
@N, is ageism unique to hipsters? You can accuse the Food Dude of being smug, or elitist, or snarky (I think he's really good at what he does). But "hipster"?

Can we please, please, please stop using hipster as a lazy catch-all for everything we don't like? This isn't a plea on behalf of fucking Animal Collective, it's on behalf of language.
I don't care what I may later gain from it; I ain't eating that green carpet you left for me on my plate there...
This all seems a bit manufactured-a ploy to boost Seattle's culinary esteem. They do need it every once in a while, after all.

Anyone who's lived and dined in both cities knows Portland has better grub. Chinese food in Seattle may arguably be better, that's about it.
And also, don't a notable number of failed Portland chefs end up in Seattle?
The big failures in Portland are a lack of good Chinese food anywhere except around 82nd, and a lack of Indian food almost everywhere - there are *no* Indian restaurants in NE Portland west of 82nd! (India Grill is on the south side of Burnside, it doesn't count.)

I can also see there is a surfeit of carts in Portland - there's going to be a big shakeout, and carts have been failing in providing food cheaply and quickly - two of the reasons people eat at carts.
@ Tony - the waiter in the New York Times article *screams* hipster.
I would surmise that the poor wait staff mentioned in the article was tripped up on the origin of the mollusks in question because they, like most of the food service personnel at the "in" places to eat around here, just got off the boat from somewhere else and appear to be underinformed regarding the geographical and/or historical trappings of this locale- sort of like most of the people that write about Portland and the NW it would seem.