It Was Hot, And Portland Was A Mess: Dallas Sautés Timbers To Stretch Winless Streak


Sautéed? More like, I dunno, let's see...
"Timbers Fried With Crisco in Frisco"
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOCCERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! We've got ALL your favorites: Fast kickin', Low scorin', and ties?????...............YOU BET!!!!
Bad soccer weekend. Timbers, Gold Cup, Seattle's winning....
This is a classic example of why professional (and even semi-pro) sports teams are hard to come by in PDX. A few losses and everyone jumps ship. Relax, folks, and give your expansion team a chance. More "optimistic undertones," please!
I ain't jumping ship- but there definitely needs to be some fire under their asses to perform better. That match was just plain pathetic.