Mugshot of Alleged Attempted Gay Basher


Same guy. He grew up nearby me in Lents. He's a schmuck - typical overly concerned w sports kind of person. He hasn't touched a book since 9th grade.
according to a search on his name at (which pulls from multnomah county jail, run by sheriffs, and is public record), shows he's been charged with similar violence twice before in the last 8 months. a "USM Hold (U)" means to hold him for U.S. Marshalls, they have a warrant out for his arrest.
Looks like this guy:
He's just angry because he's going bald.
A homophobic MMA fighter? The hell you say. Funny how a lifetime of simulating violent gay sex with other scantilly clad men will make you a bit insecure. It's alright, keep beating up guys in your undies - nobody will suspect you!
He wrestled all through middle school and high school too. Just saying, terminizer has a point there.
As heinous an act as this is, I am against publishing photos of people before they've been convicted. After trial, I'm happy to grab a pitchfork and torch to join the angry mob.
Great. So he's capable of killing with his fists and knees and purposely selects victims he knows won't be able to fairly fight back. Oh, I hate these kinds of people. I hate them so very much. They deserve nothing less than to be beaten into a coma. Yep.

As someone in health/fitness/exercise/formerly-of-sports, I'm embarrassed for the ugly component of my field this shit-ball represents.


Why would you be against publishing photos of those arrested and booked?
Thank you "good samaritan". That is really brave of you to take the hits for doing what is right. You make me proud, and I hope you recover soon.
Here is this POS MMA profile open for comments…
Here is hi MMA profile open for comments…
@TSW: The US's legal system is built upon a presumption of innocence. It does not seem undully onerous to extend that sort of protection to the court of public opinion as well.
@TSW Ever been accused of something you didn't do? These things happen. By putting out pictures of people arrested without a trial (or even a confession), we support the idea that the cops NEVER arrest an innocent person. Local tv news does this all the time, and I think it's a lazy method for filling a broadcast.
I will never tire of watching/seeing 'men' getting the shit beat out of them by 'gay men'. It is satisfying in an ice cream sundae, blowjob, just won a scratch lottery all at the same time kind of way...I have seen drag queen step out of their heels, and handle the fuck out of someone 'smart', put their heels back on and go about their business....Satisfaction.
Wow after further investigation and obvious shit to look at.......HIS EYEBROWS ARE WAXED..
@Tom: So would you like it better if no one knew who the cops had arrested? That's the way it is in some countries. You just have to wonder, and wait for the person (or a body) to turn up...


I've also never sought out a physically unimposing gay man and beat the crap out of him, then come back to the scene later to check on things and been arrested for it. The facts of every case bear public exposure (or not). If he's a repeat offender and and a menace (which he is), the public deserves a viewing for their own safety.

There are twisted conspiracies and investigative mishandlings, and then there are cut and dry arrests and bookings. Besides, a face pic can almost always be found for every name. And these douchebags are typically the most shameless about publicizing their pics, arrest photo notwithstanding. So I don't give a fuck that his face is shown. Truth is, he probably doesn't care, either.

Only stupid people feel the cops never arrest an innocent person. They are not my concern, nor do their their beliefs infect the right-thinking populace.
Ironic how a piece such as this generates such ignorance. So he is an MMA fighter? So was I in the 90's. Am I homophobic, gay or commit violent assault for no reason? The answer is no to all three and I am sick of idiots who don't like/or are intimidated by the sport making stupid and unfounded remarks. Look MMA is a microcosm, just like anything. There are some great individuals(Randy Couture eg) and terrible ones like a guy I used to train with who is still doing time for murdering his wife. WAIT ALL MMA'ERS ARE WIFE KILLERS AND MURDERERS! Seriously some of you are either actual idiots, or confused or perhaps have some deeply routed issues. I do not understand how you would find a fighter trying to choke out or submit someone homoerotic. Perhaps you just have some pretty fucked up sexual tendencies. I will pose the same question about wrestling...perhaps you yourself find the close proximity of men arousing? Neither are fighters morons or criminals by default. I find it comical when people denounce MMA as retarded or barbaric then describe the latest "edgy" gore fest they have just viewed. Irony anyone? As far as this wretched excuse for a human being I hope they throw the fucking book at him if convicted. Trust me he is neither indicative of the sport or should be judged as such
@nosomuch...thank you for posting that. There are 17 comments on there and all of them condemn what he did, because clearly all MMA fans and fighters are homophobic criminals...wait, what.? @ theterminizer, actually no they are fighting not simulating violent gay sex although apparently you seem to believe so. That in and of itself is a rather revealing insight into your psyche. Perhaps you are gay and simply need to come on out into the world! I mean there's nothing wrong with that! Or perhaps you have some rather sick and perverse fantasies...either way, you sir are incorrect