Casey Anthony Acquitted! Entenmann's Guilty of Being Delicious!


This makes me lose faith in our justice system, as well as
gives me yet another reason to loathe Florida.
mmmm... delicious pulled tweets.

@frankieb, Why does disagreement with a verdict cause you to lose faith in our justice system? Do you think Anthony didn't get a fair trial in front of an impartial jury? In other words, do you have any quibble with anything (i.e. the process) other than the result? If it's just the result, I'd suggest your problem is with 12 random Floridians, not an entire justice system.

I disagree with the result, too, but that (on it's own) doesn't mean I've lost faith in trial by jury.

I'm in complete agreement re: Florida.
Those poor bastards had to spend three years studying and deliberating this trial. They know more about the case than any of us. If I had faith to lose in moronic Internet commenters and a sensationalistic and bloodthirsty media, I would have lost it.
Ahhh, a juries verdict is always correct then?
OJ was innocent too, right?
@ frankieb, Our system isn't about correct or incorrect - it's about "did the state prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Crime X was committed by defendant?" A juror can can be 51%-75%+ sure Crime X was committed, and STILL be required by the law to acquit. Whether the result is "correct" or not, is up to everyone's individual standards.

Juries make calls that all of us (like guspasho points out, all of us in our uninformed armchairs) disagree with all the time. That doesn't mean a) they don't get it right, or nearly right, nearly all of the time, and b) that it beats any alternative you can present.

In short, one bad result doesn't mean the jury system is broken or that we shouldn't require a very high level of proof before convicting someone for a death-penalty eligible murder.

Like I said originally, I'm drawing a distinction between being dissatisfied with a single result in a single high-profile case, and being dissatisfied with the structure of the entire justice system.

There's likewise all the difference in the world between "factually innocent," and "not guilty."
I love the smell of free publicity in the morning!
Look, I completely understand what you are saying. I'm not ignorant of how our Court system works, or in this this case, didn't work to administer justice.
I was just completely disgusted by the ruling, and alot of the BS we both saw leading up to this judgement.
The fathers affairs, etc etc...
I am still losing faith in our system, but as yet am unaware of a better one.
@ frankieb: What makes you think you know better than the jury that there is no reasonable doubt about her guilt?