"Aww Hell No!": Notes from Travels with a Folding Bike


did you think about unfolding the bike and biking the airport?
Why didn't you just bring a Razor Scooter? That would have looked less silly.
Sarah, using the Mercury to shamelessly post a shot of yer legs.... tsk tsk....
I think I see the face of Jesus in that bruise. At least His nose and mouth.
Are the bruises just from carrying the bike?
@guspaho—They're from carrying the bike and it's very special, rather hard-edged bag. While they're definitely slick in some ways, they're rather cumbersome to carry up subway stairs and through airport crowds, etc.
Your sneakers are so cute! Keds?
so, you always checked your bike? have you ever tried to drag it through security and gate-check it?

My dad has a brompton and he likes to flick it open (apparently this is possible with practice) and jump on. Often to cheers from whoever is on the street.

However, his special moves failed one day in front of Old Town Pizza and the bike just sort of folded up on him. That apparently got the most appreciative reaction from the teenagers on the sidewalk. Oh, I wish I had been there.

Anyhoo, sounds like a great trip!
@kiala - yes! They're Keds! Only $12.

@c.a. - I checked it at the ticket counter as baggage twice, and hauled it through security once as a carry on, though the gate staff made me gate-check it and pick it up after the flight with all the baby strollers, etc. Both options worked fine.
Sounds awesome! I'm so jealous.
What bag did you pack it in for checked bag air travel? Twitter: @switzmagic