Good Morning, News!


The Murdoch-controlled corporation News International owns just a minority share in BSkyB (39.1%), though NewsInt was hoping to buy the probably not going to happen in this lifetime. And it's James Murdoch who is chairman of BSkyB, not Big Daddy Rupert.

(Yes, I admit it, I subscribe to The Economist.)
Dick? Gruesome attacks? Why did everyone stop calling a spade a spade when we found out it was a white non-Muslim who did it? It's terrorism, plain and simple. Reserving that word for Muslims just makes you look prejudiced.
Actually calling Muslims "terrorists " is somewhat regrettable as it can insinuate that all those who practice that faith engage in these acts. Of course, this is not what you meant, whoever you can see where the line blurs. And I for one am glad there were less victims, as I'm sure are their families. I am curious what motivation this Murderer gives for this heinous act
I think the proper name for a muslim terrorist is actually "tererrest," coined by former pres. G. W. Bush in the mid-2000's.