Mitt Romney Single-Handedly Saves the Housing Sector


This is done with his own money, right? Why is this a story?
P.S. If we've been lowered to pointing out when a candidate spends his own money on improvements to his own house then we (the Democrats) are in serious trouble.
Another "Western White House" in the making?…
@DJ: because it paints a presidential candidate as an out-of-touch gazillionaire, drawing a stark contrast to the out-of-touch gazillionaire currently in office. I wonder if Mittens knows how many houses *he* owns.

I get that they WANT it to sound like he's out of touch but, to me (a staunch Democrat), it sounds petty, invasive and stupid. Imagine how it sounds to an Independent.
Mormons and their big families....
but Deminjuice is right.
I think people should know that a presidential candidate plans to build an 11,000-square-foot house. When Romney tries the just-plain-folks act (as they all do eventually) it'll help voters decide just how full of shit he may possibly be.
Maybe he should have waited till after the election. ?
All these guys from the left and the right are monied though.
I imagine this will be forgotten by election time.
Hmmm.... maybe stories like this help a Republican get the nomination? "That guy has money! He has my vote!"
Agree with DemonJuice (never thought I say that phrase). When either party grasps at straws to make the other candidates look bad, it just discredits the party, or at least those jumping on the current poorly-built bandwagon.