New York Might Have Just Saved Portland $500 Million


I saw you at Trek in the Dark! I thought about saying hello, but didn't want to vacate to comfiness of my balcony seat.

I bought a Trek in the Park pint glass. It's officially the coolest pint glass of all time.
We should all get together and sign a big thank you card
Can't we make DIY reservoir caps out of recycled Voodoo Doughnut boxes?
Kirk-Watching Mirk Left Stewin' Over Duin Scoop

(say that three times fast!)
Now I am sad that I missed Trek in the Dark. Crap. Instead I sat in the backyard (which actually wasn't bad).

And happy that we might not have to cap the reservoirs. Although not yet happy enough to recover from missing Trek in the Dark. I should focus on the $21/mo I get to keep...
What are the only 2 (badass) cities to sue the EPA? NYC & Portland. Take that, EPA!