Grant Morrison on Superhero Comics: "There's a Real Feeling of Things Just Going Off the Rails"


If print comics are in a death spiral part of it has to be the price. Over $4 for 20 pages of super heroes? My first comic was 0.60 as a wee one in the early 80s bought at a grocery store newsstand. That's $1.40 in today's dollars. That first comic hooked me for years and thousands of books.

The only grocery store comic a kid can grab now is an Archie comic and, I'm sorry, Jughead is not a great gateway drug. And even if it were a kid's gotta get to a comic shop. She gets to the shop and all the books are wrapped in plastic so they can be preserved for organ transplant.

Paper prices, distribution blah blah blah, bottom line is Marvel and DC abandoned a generation of potential kid fans to cater to speculator-collectors and grownups.