The First Jello Shot Disinhibits, The Sixth Jello Shot Exonerates


Yeah, fuck Jesus in the ear!
I can't wait for the first beer or liquor company to adopt the catchphrase "Wash Away Your Sins With _____"
How about a level of responsibility and self control for these college students? Sure, they want sex, but so do animals that are in heat. The difference between animals and humans is the ability to use our brains and say "No, I'm going to use self control and not have irresponsible sex" and then not have sex. Granted, I do agree that there needs to be a different attitude being taught about sex, but it certainly shouldn't be "if you want sex, have it, then don't feel guilty about it or be irresponsible about the consequences." How about an attitude of having sex in a loving, trusted relationship and not have sex outside that relationship. Remember, no birth control method, except abstinence, is 100% effective for preventing pregnancy or STDs.