Make Alison Discomfortable! Watch Me Be Discomfortable!


I say we postpone hers till schools starts and then make her walk the halls of our old high school trying to sell counterfeit "elevator passes." I always wanted to do that (good money as a fifteen-year-old) but the process sounded too discomfortable.
I only would have voted for the busking option if the mandatory musical style had been freestyle rapping. Yeah, and you don't stop... Keep on, Ned, for TWO HOURS
Signing up for this would be very discomfortable:…
Child please. "Busking near Pioneer square" is just a cheap stunt to supplement your ill deserved salary obtained by writing about cats, the 80's, cats etc. Now look, I have no problem with that (hell, Im jealous hardly anyone pays me to write), but come on you need a life experience and I HAVE ONE FOR YOU. Tomorrow there is a big MMA event (not local but televised in several "sports bars" in downtown Portland). Here is your chance to mingle and observe the species "recessive genus Ed Hardious". Surely you can't pass on the chance to be surrounded by this tribe decked out in Affliction/Ed hardy shirts, sideways white Yankees lids and clouds of Axe spray. Did I mention the requisite generic ink? Under dressed muffin topped skanks? This amazing sociological opportunity awaits. Oh and use the word "bro" a lot. And the phrases "rear naked choke" and "triangle arm bar" (note it really is not important to know what they mean). Also be sure to mention that you love Godsmack. Enjoy!
I've heard that volunteering in the kitten room of the humane society is hell. Send Alison there.
Showstopper - Thanks. However, I love MMA. And the vote for this weekend is already in. We need events for NEXT week please, if you got 'em!
Be careful. You might be busking in on somebody's territory. Knives, dude. Make some ca$h.
Lannamann, we all know that you're a born ham and that the fix was in. I promise you this, though. One day, when you least expect it, bad kiddy music is gonna get you. And it's going to hurt, oh yes, the wheels of the pain bus will go round and round and round and round and round...
Ned, are you trying to suggest that you don't have 1076 loyal readers?
Oh, btw, Alison should have to host Elvis Costello karaoke night at Chopsticks. Every Blogtown member will have to sing "Alison" for admission.
Good lord Ned, not being serious. I would'nt want any of you subjected to that. I am an ex fighter and trainer and I can't stand those tools. But if I come up with something to torment your fellow staffers I will post it.