In Which Bill Nye "Confuses" Fox News Viewers


He did alright up to trying to explain Gore.
I haven't read the Newsweek article as yet, but to say this weather storm is to be considered the new norm would be irresponsible.
I was thinking about something this morning. If you want to argue that climate change is a natural occurrence and not caused by man, then fine. You're likely an idiot, but fine.

But in that case, what is your plan to deal with the real repercussions of climate change? For those who think climate change is caused by man offer up solutions to diminishing that impact. That's a plan. But what are the Rick Perry's suggesting we do about rising waters? You don't have to agree temperatures are rising because of man, but you can't argue that temperatures are not rising. Perry may not think greenhouse gasses are causing the ice caps to melt, but he can't deny that they are, in fact, melting. So what's the plan to deal with it?
Pray, repent, curtail government spending, stop gay marriage and other stuff that's making Him mad. What did you think their plan would be, something scientifically practical?
Right on, Bill.

BTW, I love you as "Speed Walker" on Almost Live.
@#3: I'm stealing your comment, geyser.
Fox News in a nutshell: "A guy whose name I can't remember told me something once, and I will take his word for it over the word of THE SCIENTIST I AM CURRENTLY TALKING TO."
The baby-faced idiot did have one valid question though, the one that tied up the science guy.
Gore comparing the debate over what causes Global Warming to understanding racism.
But Bill Nye shouldn't be expected to answer for what Al Gore said.
It would be great if the host didn't rush Bill Nye. But I suppose that is exactly what you will get when you mix TV execs, advertisers and corporate sponsors. Oh no! Bill Nye is not in the favor of "our status quo" quick, tell him we are running out of time!