Sidewalk Planters on the Path to Permit-Free


You really don't want to find out what happens when Benner gets angry....
Drat now I wished I hadn't recycled all those empty wine bottles I found in the parking green.…
Well, every properly trendy Portlander must drive a Prius and have a raised bed in the front yard - to show the neighbors how fucking green you are, right?
So are the sidewalks and the land between the sidewalk and the curb city property? Why did I think the sidewalk was just a right-of-way across private property? Shows how much I know, or don't.
City owns both, I believe - however you as a homeowner are responsible for upkeep - cracks, snow, etc.
At least, this is my understanding.
Oh, and only certain trees are allowed to be planted on the island too.
And don't expect "Friends of Trees" to know which ones either. My neighbor gave me a Japanese Persimon that they planted in the island, but had to come replace because it wasn't allowed there.
As long as I can open my car door without hitting a plant I am happy. However, that isn't the case in a lot of near in SE neighborhoods.
its the homeowner's property, the city has an easement for the right of way. its not public owned, but the public has a lot of rights to that land.

the homeowner can apply to vacate the entire easement and get full rights to the center of the street.
I have tenants who want to garden - and those narrow pieces of lawns are hard for me to water, any way. This would be awesome!
I wish people would leave the gardens to their backyards. People seem to rip all the grass out of their front lawns then let flowers, ferns, and weeds grow wild. Meanwhile, every spring and summer you cant walk ten feet down any sidewalk without getting a face full of spiderwebs. If you want to turn your front yard into a garden, at least maintain it (proper pruning and weeding) instead of letting it turn into your own personal overgrown Amazon forest