Police Bureau Fires Road Raging Scott Westerman


Now bring us the ass of Kyle Nice.
the douchebag will probably still get his pension.
He looks like Frylock in that awesome drawing.
Kudos indeed, Reese has shown some real guts a couple times now. I am with GoodStart on Sergeant Nice, that guy needs to be next.
OH near City Hall:

"Hey, did you hear that whats-his-name, that one bad cop - got fired?"

"The one that likes to dress up like a nazi and hang weird things in trees?"


"The one that killed that homeless dude? Wait - which one, right? The guys who crushed that poor Chasee guy downtown or the guy up at the arboretuem?"


"Oh wait - it must be the cop who shot that suicidal guy in the back when he was surrendering, right?"

"Of course not."

"oh...wait- I know- the guy who takes free food from 7-11 and then ruined that other trainee's cop's career when she reported him for being such a jerk?"

"No, he still works there."

"So it must be one of the guys who the city keeps ending up costing the city tens of thousands of bucks in civil suits, right?"

"You're getting colder."

"Dang, this is hard. I give up. No wait- it it that one lieutenent who went to his sisters house and shot that guy sleeping in a car nearby from behind? That's got to be it!"

"That was years ago. And no."

"I know! It's that job who perjured herself in court after tasering that guy over at the cheerful tortoise! I thought the DA said that perjury was too tough to prove."


"This game sucks. I give up."

"Dude, you took so long to guess he already got the union to get PPB to reinstate him."
"truthfulness"! PPB, you'd crack me up if you weren't such a gang of roid raging, trigger happy assholes.
It's about time this filthy, rotten-ass pig Westerman finally got fired. And Hell knows it took long enough!

Though as demonstrated above by Number Six (well put!), it's fucking pathetic that a cop in this city is far more likely to lose his job over "misconduct" than shooting or stomping to death unarmed civilians. The fuck!

Westerman's gone, but those three pigs who kicked, punched, stomped, and beat James Chasse to death 5 years ago are all still on the take?!

Why did they hire a giant disembodied head in the first place?
Does the fired cop get to keep his pension?
Amen, Number 6. Testify!

Those incidents were blown WAAAY out of proportion. I hope he gets his job back and I predict he will. He also deserves his pension, which I've learned through the grapevine, he WILL be getting. Its funny, all you cop haterz, you really don't have a clue about what goes into being a police officer. Its not an easy job, sometimes they gotta put hands on, sometimes mentals do SUICIDE BY COP and its just that simple. Stop hatin and start lovin. Scott Westerman is a good guy, I hope he gets his job back in arbitration and I predict he will.
Hey Tootie, why don't you sign up and get an official account? You dumb-ass cop-supporter.
If Number 6 doesn't win Comment of the Week, then there is no justice in the world (or maybe Alison is just slacking in her duties again).