Yes, Jefferson Smith is Running for Mayor


Jefferson Smith and Steve Novick on the same ballot? My heart is all a-flutter. I just really wish there were more non-white, non-male politicians.
The whole premise of the Bus Project is to take money out of campaigning. Mayor, as opposed to say the senate should be a perfect test.
Now we have an interesting race.
With that Percocet, he's probably gone from ripping eyeballs to tripping balls. He should film some kind of Oedipus-themed campaign spot quick before he comes down and realizes that it's a crazy idea.
So now I have to worry about ripping my corneas out every time I remove my contacts. Thanks a lot, Smirk.
YES. I actually find some small pleasure in knowing who I'll vote for now.

Sorry Brady-if you can't improve on that horrific New Seasons Arbor Lodge hot plate, you can't run my city.
"I'm bowed": the #1 benefit of a Smith mayorality would be the increased local incidence of slightly archaic words.
I'm sure this Jefferson Smith guy will do just fine, if he becomes the next mayor. I doubt he'll prove to be soo much better or worse than Adams. I heard alot of people bitch and whine about Tom Potter too. But apparently, he did alright. He (Potter) kept Portland out of the JTTF for years, and that was certainly worth something.
Jeri Sullivan, Mary Nolan, Amanda Fritz, Eileen Brady. plenty of women, and Jeri is Native American. then there's Mult Co DA (i forget her name) African American woman. and it's still early.

4 women seeking Ben Cannon's seat. a bunch running for the House in the area. no, not a lot of ethnic diversity, but gender-wise, pretty good.
Great news! A civics-minded activist with a clear history of working to engage more people in their communities and their local government could indeed make a great mayor.
What new program does he propose? I see none.