Elizabeth Warren for President (In 2016)


I'm sick of the hypocritical "class warfare" crap. Republicans have been engaging in class warfare for decades. Then one time the Democrats attempt to take a stand against their ongoing class war, they call class warfare? They are the biggest bunch of hypocrites around.

If it's a class war between the rich and the middle class - and I think they just proved that that's what it really is - I'm siding with the middle class.
Makers vs. takers
Makers? Takers? Aren't you a stupid piece of shit.
D: Warren just demonstrated why your cute little refrain is completely idiotic. Did you even bother to read her argument?
elizabeth warren is so fucking hot
D is right, it is makers vs takers. But the working classes are the makers, the producers and consumers that actually drive this economy. It's the working classes who live and die by the rigors of the free market, who are paid in wages and salaries that bear some relation to the quality and quantity of their labor. The idle rich are the takers, the leeches whose income bears no relation to any labor of their own but investments in what amounts to little more than a massive casino, who are have insulated themselves from any free market tumult, and who get bailed out by Congress and the Fed when their schemes inevitably collapse and impoverish all of us.

They depend on us, on the way society is constructed, for their livelihoods. If anything, Warren's argument is too tame, but that's a reflection of how effectively they have propagated the lie that they are the producers and the middle class are the leeches.

We are deep in a class war, one that the rich have been fighting against working classes for decades, busting unions, eroding the social safety net, demanding tax cuts that largely benefit only themselves, and tricking us in to sympathizing with their massive wealth accumulation over our own livelihoods.

The top marginal tax rate is the lowest it's been in several decades. The middle class is hurting more than it has since the Great Depression, while they enjoy wealth accumulation in excess of even the robber baron days - wealth that they largely did not earn. Raising the tax rate on the rich a little to keep from cutting basic government services is the least we should do.