Project Runway Wrap Up!


^^^ Yes, I've noticed that. I like and find many or most of them interesting, but sometimes I wonder if there's some unspoken rule that prohibits mocking some of the photos at least.
The other day I couldn't believe there wasn't any scorn or ridicule for the Tony Peniche Naked Flashmob happening tomorrow.…
Free-publicity score, brah! And that photo in the linked post... I couldn't think of any words to say.
I've mocked the photos before. And shall try to do so more often.…
Why did nobody (Marjory/judges) mention that the sleeves of the jacket were TOO SHORT! Sure, they loved the braiding on the shoulders but did Vik-Tor not measure the guy's arms?

I'm sure tall men everywhere are sick of shirts/jackets with sleeves that don't fit.