TV Review: Terra-ble Nova


You didn't say anything meaningful about the fucking show.
You didn't like it because it isn't plausible?
This isn't a review. This is nothing.
To be fairer to the premises of the show, one of the exposition dumps explained that the rift in time was a discovered phenomenon, not created by man. Kind of like the wormhole in DS9, rather than the jumpgates in B5. Also, it's a one-way trip, which is similar to a Stargate, except that a Stargate can be re-dialed from the other side to reverse the direction of travel. And the destination is on a timeline closely related to, but distinct from, our own. So we don't have to worry about them saving Edith Keeler. It remains to be seen whether they need to worry about an asteroid strike ~20MYr in their future.

I don't think we're supposed to think too critically about this show. It's meant to give us some simple entertainment. And dinosaurs! If you want deep and thoughtful entertainment with dinosaurs, you should read the adventures of T-Rex and Utahraptor. Hopefully they'll have a cameo in the second season of Terra Nova.
How is it I can read this website on a device the size of a couple of credit cards and yet they haven't cured cancer yet? Oh, that's right, those are two completely different things. And as it turns out, time travel and terraforming are also two completely different things.

And multiple times in the show they said the rift in spacetime had been discovered, not created.
Maybe you need to realize that they found a time rip, and that is why they have the "Fucking technology" We do not have a time rip in the real world, but if we did we may be able to develop something.
Didn't they just cancel this show last June? Oh wait that was