KRS-One to Rock the Ron Paul Revolution Tour


I don`t know why, but I see heads fucked in KRS`s Speeches and Raps in this tour, or detour. I just don`t understand this, him opening for a Republican.
Everyone knows Ron Paul's ass is the blackest.
Love it!
I first bought KRS-One's Edutainment album as a kid 20 years ago and he was obviously talented but even then a lot of his "teachings" seemed oversimplified and problematic. Regarding the "income tax beast," from that same album: "All you white people out there that think you're down with America can forget it. Cause they tax all of us. Just take a look at Leona Helmsley. Taxed her -- she's white, I believe. Yeah, threw her butt right in jail. She ain't nothin but another ho', according to this system. 'You ain't paid your taxes, ho', get back in jail.'"
It's not the man, it's the message. True Liberty unites people of all backgrounds.
For those of you surprised that KRS-One is supporting a Republican, you have to realize that Ron Paul disagrees with virtually everything the mainstream Republicans stand for. Understanding KRS-One's decision can only be done when you understand that the mainstream media, for decades now, has brainwashed the American people into thinking that the political debate can only be between these "two parties", between Republicans and Democrats.

Understanding KRS-One begins by realizing that BOTH PARTIES ARE CORRUPT, that BUSH AND OBAMA are essentially the same thing, that BUSH AND OBAMA are BOTH bought and paid for by the lobbyists, special interests, and corporations. KRS-One's support is NOT about left vs. right.

And this is also true with Ron Paul: Paul has CONSISTENTLY for 30 years criticized BOTH REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. Ron Paul is one of FEW politicians who has NOT take corporate money to change his principles in the past 30 years.

Ron Paul is against the wars, against corporate welfare, and Paul wants to legalize drugs and gay marriage. Ron Paul is a man who thinks for himself and he is making all these other mainstream puppet Republicans and Democrats look like sell-outs to the American people, which they are.

See passed the illusion that the mainstream television has pumped into your brain. Wake up to the reality of reality: KRS-One is no fool or sell-out: Ron Paul is the real deal, youtube his stuff and awaken...
Thank you for explaining KRS-One and Ron Paul, well said. The elite play the common man for a fool by divide and concor. The establishment brainwashes via mainstream news and entertainment with there money to keep us beleiving there is a left and a right, a black and white etc. In the eyes of God we are all created equal. There is only good vs evil. Its time for America to wake up, the truth will set us free.

Ron Paul is the only one who is fighting for our constitution. The Bush Administration destroys the constitution with the Patriot Act then Obama extends the Patriot Act. All in the name of FEAR, oops I should say in the name of security for those of you who believe the government is honest. In the name of fear (security) you must give up your privacy. In the name of fear (security) you are being groped and radiated at airports. In the name of fear(security) we went to war in Iraq to stop WMD's. I could go on and on but you get the point.

This is what Ron Paul and KRS-One speak out against, the evil, the lies that weare being told.
Ron Paul is a fool. He's a disingenuous opportunist who is taking progressive stands on issues in order to smoke screen his intentions. I don't know where his intentions are, but I think it has something to do with keeping progressives divided and in his supporters case, confused. If KRS ONE is affiliating with Ron Paul then it's obvious that Mr. Paul has engaged the progressive community. I can't imagine why KRS ONE would affiliate with Mr. Paul; maybe it's some act of sarcastic move in his career??? Sadly we'll just have to adapt to this reality and move on... one disheartened KRS ONE fan at a time.