Here's Your Halloween Costume: Thor Girl


The model looks like January Jones.
I was trying to think up something clever until I read #4. Now all I'll say is: "Bravo, Mr. Humphrey."
Why not just go as Sif, who is a badass in her own right?
I'd Mjölnir like she's never been Mjölned before.
That lisping crack sounds suspiciously like a line from The Sandman. Hat tip to Neil Gaiman?
To me it kinda like a crack from Marvel's "Not Brand Echh" comic from the late 60's featuring "The Mighty Sore", but with fewer obscure pith-helmet references. Hat tip to Kirby?
I ordered that costume for the store I no longer work in. It was a super-special goodbye present.
I have seen several of you in person, and can extrapolate what the rest of you dweebs look like. Please, for the love of god do NOT wear this. Thanks!
You shoulda opened the package. Chances (99%) are that the costume looks NOTHING like it is depicted. Eg Hammer not included. Sigh.
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Mike W