Slutwalk: NYC Edition


This is perhaps the most misguided attempt to convey a message ever.
I can't say anything without feeling like Tim Robbins as the public broadcaster in Anchorman before pushing Kelly Bundy into the bear pit. Still. There seems like there should be a more effective way to get the message across. But I suppose the best way would be start genetically engineering pig DNA out of the male chromosome.
I like Slutwalk. Especially in light of the Park Slope rapes that have been happening and the NYPD's advice to "not wear skirts" as opposed to "don't fucking rape anyone".
That's brilliant, we should just insist that all of the rapists stop raping women!
Slutwalk is just about being an exhibitionist. I'd like to think it actually does some good. Doubt it.
Their timing was awful as well, in light of the current protests going on.
Too many protests at the same time dilutes any message at all.